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Artists: Hee Jung Cho, Sung-Ki Jeon, Byung Jong Kim, Wal Jong Lee, Han Hong Park,

Jeong Min Park, Jong-Sik Shin


Opening Reception: Saturday, January 14, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Exhibition Dates: Saturday, January 14 - Monday, February 13, 2012

Gallery Ho Opening Concert: Saturday, January 14 from 5:30 – 6 pm


Gallery Ho is pleased to announce the “HERE WE ARE”, the first exhibition at Gallery Ho. “HERE WE ARE” exhibition is a selection of artworks by an eclectic group of four established and three emerging Korean artists in New York. While the featured artists are living in various places such as Seoul, Kyung-Gi, Jeju in South Korea, Brooklyn, Queens in New York, and New Jersey, this exhibition highlights beauty of neighborhood and normal life. It will be an opportunity to see various normal lives through these artist eyes. 


Hee Jung Cho, who lives in Brooklyn, is known for re-built buildings in Brooklyn using wood-relief. She makes new streets using re-built buildings. Her new drawings will be introduced this exhibition.    Sung-Ki Jeon, the most famous watercolor artist in Korea, draws landscapes and still life. Also he mixed coffee with watercolors together in order to explore new material and to develop a way of expression.   Since 1990 Byung Jong Kim, a professor of Korean painting, Seoul National University in South Korea, has been drawings about life. Vivid colors, a character of his painting, is from Mother Nature. After he had been in a life or death situation, he started to paint about Life and Hope on Korean papers.    Wal Jong Lee, is famous as a Jeju artists in South Korea, paints modern rural life using Korean traditional five colors; yellow, green, blue, white, red, and black. In the middle of canvas, there are one big tree to represent Mother Nature and miniature people, who are watching television, eating, or go to grocery shopping. All figures is humorous.    Han Hong Park, who lives in New Jersey, paints lyrical city landscapes such as rainy night, streets after rain, and buildings in midst of rain. In the dark, headlights captured hectic but charming city of life. Moist sunset landscape of rural seems like shelter for modern people, as well.   Jeong Min Park draws her neighbor to simplify using Korean traditional ink on Korean paper.  She creates another place with drawings of people, building, and still life from different time and various places.    Jong-Sik Shin, who is a professor of Painting department, Hong-Ik University in Seoul, expresses his personal travel memories on to canvas. There are flying fish on the sky, shelves on middle of sand-cave, or unexpected views on his painting. People can enter another world of surrealism through Shin’s view of point.


Hudson Philharmonic Orchestra will perform to celebrate of Galley Ho’s grand opening from 5:30pm. Gallery Ho hopes that enjoy artworks along with classic music by Cello (Ben Larsen), Oboe (Ye-deun Park), and Flute (Hyunjin Jang).






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