“Jena H. Kim: un.ac.com.pa.nied ” 


Exhibition Date: November 8 - December 1 2012


Opening Reception: Thursday November 8th – December 1st,2012, 6 - 8pm



Gallery Ho is pleased to present the exhibition “Jena H. Kim: un.ac.com.pa.nied”. In this series of paintings, Kim uses a stage as a starting point to explore the dramatic and narrative possibilities of abstraction. The solo exhibition will be on view from November 6th.


Jena H. Kim has repeatedly returned to the stage motif in her paintings and installations over the past decade. In 2012 she became inspired by some of the most influential figures in art history, such as Goncharova, Laronv, Picasso, Sonia Delaunay, de Chrico, Barbara Hepwarth and Giacomo Manzu, whose work focused on the theater. Kim began to experiment and rediscover her painting referencing works by these artists. She believes her art and the theater to be a vessel of possibility. This expectant state is what she seeks to capture in her paintings. She feels no obligation to fill her work up with objects or activity, as is suggested by the title of the show, “un.ac.com.pa.nied”. This new series marks a shift in Jena H. Kim’s work. Though Kim is better known for hare-edged geometic paintings and installations, she has turned her attention more to the painting’s surface and her application of paint has become increasingly lush. By looking back to this specialized area of modernist art, Kim has found a new vein of emotion to mine and she pushed the idea of traditional modern art with her view of the stage as a place for creativity and imagination. She states, “ As I paint, a different drama unfolds on each panel. The paintings aren’t record of actions but where stories continue to exist.”



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