Spring Blossom

Byung Jong Kim


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Exhibition Date:

April 5th – April 25th, 2012


NEW YORK, MARCH- Gallery Ho is honored to present Byungjong Kim’s solo exhibition “Spring Blossom” on view at 547 West 27th street #208 from April 5th through April 25th, 2012.  Kim, one of the most prominent Korean painters, debuts at New York with his famous artworks in Korea. The current exhibition contains his artwork from:  “Song of Life” series, which is a topic of his paintings over 20 years, “On the Road” series, and some released prints painted by fingers.

After he hovered between life and death in1989, Kim started to create his series of “Song of Life”, which is about the appreciation of life and a great awe of the sanctity of life. In his artworks, there is dramatic and colorful objects company with a key object in the middle of the paper, which sometimes is a rounded five red petals flower, or a symbolic green sprout, and they are showing life is symbiosis. East and West are mingled well in Kim’s paintings. The empty space in his painting represents the characteristic of Asian arts which playing with the gloved fingers on handmade Dakpaper in a contemporary style. “On the Road” series’ are produced from his personal travel experience in South America. He was impressed by the natural landscape such as mountain, field, and river. The exotic sunbaked landscape fascinated the artist and reminded him the joyful of his youth.  And he was transformed these vigorous landscape of nature with his acrylic paintings on Korean paper or wood panels. Also, colors of the “On the Load” series are very bright and cheerful with red, yellow or blue, which represented the harmony of environment.


About Byungjong Kim 

Byungjong, Kim is an artist and author of books on Korean art and culture. He compares the formative aesthetic of Korean Art with that of traditional East Asian Art, with a focus on their literary, philosophical, and religious contexts. One of the most prominent artists in Korea, Kim has created works that are included in the collections of renowned art museums, including the Seoul Museum of Contemporary Art and the British Museum. He has served as dean of the College of Fine Arts at Korea's Seoul National University and is the author of numerous books on the arts of Asia. Currently a professor at the College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Kim holds a doctoral degree in Oriental philosophy from Sungkyunkwan University in Korean with English translation. This program is sponsored by the Korea Foundation. 


Selected Solo Exhibition 

2012 “Spring Blossom” Gallery HO, New York, U.S 
2011 Dugahun Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
2009 “Ecstacy”, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea 
2008 “On the Road”, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea 
2005 “Song of Life”, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea 
2004 “Song of Life”, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea 
1999 “Travel of Sketch Book”, Josunilbo Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 
1997 “Song of Life”, Montini Gallery, Paris, France 
1995 “Song of Life”, Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
1994 “Song of Life”, Gana Gallery, Seoul, Kroea 
1993 “Black Revelation”, Guarani Museum of Art, Berlin 
1992 “Song of Life”, Ye Gallery, Joseonilbo Art Museum, Seoul, Korea 
 Selected Group Exhibitions 


2012 “HERE WE ARE”, Gallery Ho, New York, NY 
2008 “Artists selected by Collectors”, Gallery H, Seoul, Korea 
2007 “Painting and Ceramics” Dongwon Gallery, Daegu/ Buil Art Museum, Busan, 
2005 “International Beijing Biennale, Beijing, China 
2004 “Gwangju Biennale, From the Jesus to Song of Life”, Gwangju, Korea 
2003 “Tradition and Innovation”, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea 
 “Korean Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea 
 “Korean Modern Art”, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea 
 “Dream, Nature, Life”, Chungjak Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
 “Join of a Writing and Painting”, Youngin Art Center, Seoul, Korea 
 “Seoul Art Festival”, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 
 “Critic as an Artist”, Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
2002 “Finding Aesthetics in Korea”, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea 
 “66 Leading Artists”, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea 
 “70 Artists Around World Cup, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea 
 “Dynamic 2002, Hope 2003”, Gallery Lotte, Gwangju, Korea 
  2001 “Korean Modern Art Festival- To the World in 21st Century, Seoul Art Center 
 “Korean Art 2001 : Back to the Painting”, National Museum of Art, Guacheon 
 “Seoul, Jeju, New York” Gallery Jo, Seoul, Korea 
 “Korean Christian Artist Associate” Choseonilbo Art Museum, Seoul, Korea 
 “Korean-Japanese Modern Artists” Hukuoka Art Museum, Hukuoka, Japan 
 “Korean Modern Art in China”, Guangdongsung Art Museum, Guangdongsung, 
2000 Basel Art Fair, Basel, Swiss 

Art Chicago, Chicago, IL 
 “Seoul National University and new millennium”, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea 
 “Sound of Spring 3 artists Show”, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea 
 “Ankuk Gallery opening show”, Ankuk gallery, Seoul, Korea 
 “Korean Modern Art, the expression of the era, eyes & hands”,Seoul Art Center 
1999 FIAC, paris 
 “Proclaim”, Milal Art Museum, Seoul, Korea 
 “Namyangju city Art Center Opening Exhibition”, Namyangju city Art Center 
1998 “21c”, Bombay, India 
1996 FIAC, paris, France 
 “Korean Modernism”, National Museum of Modern Art, Korea 
 Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition, Arario Gallery, Cheonan, Korea 1995 “Unesco Korean Art Exhibition”, Paris, France 
 “Tradition and Today’s Artworks”, Seonje Art Museum, Kyoungju, Kroea 
 “Silk Road Art Festival”, Donga Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
1994 FIAC, paris, France 
 Basel Art Fair, Basel, Swiss 
 “India Triennial”, New Delhi, India 
1997 Christians Cultural Award 
1995 Sun Artist Award 
1991 Korean Artist Award 
1989 Art Press Award 




1999-2008 Byungjong Kim’s Picture Book Journey , Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ 
 Byungjong Kim’s Journey of Latin America Picture Book 
2004-2008 Picture Book [Jesus the Fool] [the Song of Life] [ON the Road] 
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon 
Hoam Art Museum, Yonjin 
Museum of Seoul National University, Seoul 
The Museum of Hanyang University, Seoul 
Olympic Center, Seoul 
The EC Embassy, Balgium 
Bangladesh Museum of Art, Bangladesh 
Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia 
Budapest Museum of Contemporary Art, Hungary 
The British Museum, London 
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto 
Painting of Sejong Cultural Center’s Main Theater Curtains, Seoul 
Painting of the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts’ Theater Curtains, Seoul