Buhm Hong

Born in Seoul, South Korea, 1970. 
Lives and works in New York 
1995 BFA Industrial Design, Hong Ik University, Seoul Korea 
2003 MFA Computer Art, School of Visual Art, New York 
2005 MFA Photography, video and related media, School of Visual Art, New York 
Solo Exhibition 
2010 ‘Luminous link’ Aando Fine Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
 ‘Unexpected drawing’ KAIST Techno Business School Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
2009 ‘Somewhere in Mind’ Total Contemporary Museum, Seoul, Korea 
2007 ‘Lost woods’ Art space ‘sarubia’ Seoul, Korea. 
 ‘Space Entwine’ Shin Choi, NY, NY 
Selected Group Exhibition 
2012 ‘Infinity of Stories’, Gallery Ho, New York, USA 
2011 ‘I was there’, 2 person show, Doosan Gallery, New York, USA 
2010 ‘closed circuit’, Bo an Inn, Seoul 
 ‘Intuition’ Hakgojae gallery, Seoul 
 ‘Healing’ Seoul art space_Seong buk, Seoul 
 2009 ‘Resonace / Green Korea’, Frederiksberg Townhall, Copenhagen, Denmark
 ‘Art en Capital, Salon des Artistes Independants’, Grand Palais, Paris, France 
 ‘Life in Hyper Realism’, Sam Sung Electronics Delight Showroom, Korea 
 ‘Magic Moment’, Messe art festival, Hanover, Germany 
2008 “Empty Area of the Alien 2 - about what, the place”, Hutchins Gallery, Brookville 
2006 ‘Dumbo art festival’, Brooklyn bridge park, Brooklyn 
 ‘Neuroculture: Visual Art and the Brain, Group show, Westport Art center, NY 
 ‘Moving Time, Nam Jun Paik with 30 international video artists’, the Korean 
2005 ‘Under tone’, Group Show, Mushroom arts, New York 
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