Buwon Seo creates a story centering on the signature rabbit character. The image of a lovely rabbit in mediums such as art toys, paintings and sculptures, and the backside of it contains some cynical worries and wanderings about the artist's life.

The artist, who has enjoyed making this and that at home since childhood, encountered art toys as an adult, and it led to his current art practice.The artist, who shares his story through his art, describes the rabbit character as a self-portrait of himself. In his solo show,‘Almighty’ at Gallery STAN in 2021, he shared his concern and pains in life through the rabbit character.
The dark and cynical context of his work creates a contrast with candy-like color pallets and the lovely rabbit character, adding a new layer to the work.

Buwon, whose work is like a bittersweet candy, is actively expanding his art practice by trying new mediums and collaborating with brands and artists such as Nike, Asics, Code Kunst and Sambypen.