Curated by Liz Kwon


Opening Reception: Thursday December 5, 2013, 6-8pm



Gallery HO is pleased to announce the opening of Clouded Presence, a photography exhibition featuring works by Anna Beeke, Lynn Saville and Carl Wooley, on December 5, 2013. In this exhibition, the artists explore unclear boundary between the presence and absence, and the reality and unreality. Just like our expectations on the last month of the year that something unusual might happen, similar kinds of expectations or mysteries that go beyond the apparent are reflected in their works. Gallery HO welcomes the viewers to experience different unrealities with the subjects of city, nature, and human through the eyes of the artists.


In the Sylvania series, Anna Beeke conveys the unique perception of the woodlands detached from the everyday life. Beeke focuses on our awareness of mysterious or magical aspects of forests. The shapes and colors of the trees and the human figure in the scene invite the viewers to the mystic fairy tale world. Lynn Saville, who has been taking cityscape photographs, explores various faces and fluidity of New York City in enchanting colors and light. Her notable work, Pepsi Cola Sign, captures the Manhattan night scene across the East River in Queens. The construction site when the photo was taken has now become a high-rise residential site, evoking nostalgic feelings of the rural past and radical changes of the city. The city itself permanently stands in one place, but through the works of Saville, particularly through her Vacancy series, the viewers can experience urban ecology and endless growth cycle of New York City. On the other hand, Carl Wooley’s works from the Night series shown in this exhibition characterize the theatrical night lamp. His works are calm, static and dramatic all at the same time. The three artists capture various faces of the city and nature, and bring their own visual explorations of seen and unseen. Clouded Presence will be on display through January 18, 2014.