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Never taught art from an academic standpoint, Artist Lee Haeyoung diverts all conventions when approaching his art, refusing to label himself an “expert in art in the same respect as a professor in his field of studies”. His artworks are an abstract portrayal of how he perceives and senses the world around him and how these interactions shape and emulate his identity. Lee Haeyoung’s artworks were mostly drawn from the complex relationship he held with his father, which included reverence and a sense of loss after his father’s abrupt passing. Lee’s art became his therapist to cope with “such emotions healed and those yet to be healed”. The foundation behind his works and his identity as an artist is largely built around the intimate emotions he ascribes to a specific person or a moment in life, such as nostalgia, love, and innocence. These transient impressions of people would be crystallized into stasis, his canvas. Like an actor exploring the deepest ends of emotions or a fashion designer experimenting with infinite fabric types, he believed he had to constantly experiment to escape his state of metamorphosis.

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