I've never 'learned' art from an academic standpoint. Likewise, It wouldn't be appropriate to call myself an expert, in the sense of a professor, in art. When I first started my career as an artist my creative energy came from those who observed my career as an artist as peculiar, or different and my self conscious introspection of how I was being portrayed to then. Back then I had never encountered art in it's purest form. My career as an artist began in 2011. My sole inspiration came from my father in an amalgam of emotions. I had felt profound respect and love for him throughout my life, yet when he passed away my mother and I were devastated. Art became a form of therapy for me to cope with loss, sadness and loneliness. This is the foundation behind my work and identity as an artist - a peculiar concoction of processes' - such as emotions healed and those yet to be healed. I tend to ascribe a specific emotion to a person that best represents him or her from my perspective. Feelings such as nostalgia, lethargy, innocence and love are such 'forms' of emotions that I represent on the canvas. It's an interesting method - as I am representing a person the way I see the person, with the emotions I felt when imagining him/her. Hence, it is my selfishness to forcefully box someone into an image that may not actually be true. But then, that is my function as an artist. I was always an introvert. That personality, combined with my interpretation of emotions gives my work color. For the longest time, I was in a phase of metamorphosis; similar to how a fashionista, or actor really brings out their unique color through years of experience. A fashionista would observe and experiment with differing combinations of garments and colors. An actor would explore the deepest ends of his/ her emotional spectrum. For me, unlike an actor or a fashionista who can experiment at will with relative ease, as an artist who must paint a certain color on a canvas, I must be more deliberate and precise. After all, i cannot hang a 'wasted' canvas in my dresser like clothing. Nevertheless, I am still in the process of discovery, maturing slowly but surely_Haeyoung Lee


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