Hongmin Lee studied animation at the Korea National University of Arts, was born in 1982 in Seoul, Korea and work in the illustration and painting. He has several years of experience in animation work. After a few years later, he has begun in earnest through the painting art team named ‘GooForBrothers’ from 2012. The exhibition was planned and conducted with the ‘GooForBrothers.’ He opened his first solo exhibition in 2015 in Seoul, Hong-ik University, ‘i-Space Gallery’. Since then, he developed more personal activities in painting.


Hongmin Lee is telling a story of same generation in Korean society of the current period. Back at the times, when he was pressured by traditional cultures and education system, he used to be addicted to animation. This past led the artist to describe exaggeratedly a character of a body of human that is cracked with a combination of muscle.


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