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 GBDAY is an illustrator with unique individuality and drawing style, and his illustrations are mainly based on street arts. In 2009, his work was placed in Seoul Design Olympic and he is also a founding member of “URBANSTRIKERS”, the nonprofit street art and architecture organization. He participates in various artworks including magazine, graphic design and fashion. He also works as a creative director of Goldfish Kids Apparel.


 GBDAY starts by drawing sketches which then develops into illustrations and is completed through the various facets of paintings, graffiti, and living paintings. He gains inspiration from commonplace subjects and transforms it into his own creative monstrosity through animated parodies from popular culture.


 GBDAY는 스트릿아트와 어반아트를 기반으로 독특한 작업세계를 구축해 나가고 있는 아티스트입니다. "Good & Bad Day" 를 줄여서 만든 그의 작가명이 의미하듯이, 그는 우리가 사는 매일의 일상을 그려냅니다. 실제로 그는 매일 한 작품 이상의 Doodle Drawing을 통해 세상을 수집합니다.

 수집된 이미지들은 선과 악, 빛과 어둠, 생명과 죽음, 욕망과 희생과 같은 세상을 구성하는 양면적 요소들로 해석되고, 캔버스 위에서 위트있게 재구성 됩니다. 그의 세상에서는 죽은 사람들, 해골은 영원을 상징하며 나뭇잎은 생명이자 죽음을 나타냅니다. 몬스터들의 입과 혀는 진실과 거짓을 의미하며, 젊은 세대들이 갈망하는 브랜드들과 상품은 욕망 혹은 꿈으로 표현됩니다.


2021    “Life Goes On” solo exhibition, Gallery STAN, Seoul

2020    “SpongeBob 20th anniversary” group exhibition, Shenzhen, China

2019    “Human Kind part II” solo exhibition, MGFS100 Seoul

            “Human Kind” solo exhibition, Gallery STAN Seoul

2017    “Guilty Pleasure” solo exhibition, Gallery STAN Seoul

2016    “LOUIS CLUB X KIDULT LIFE - GBDAY & RD Joint Exhibition” Louis Club Seoul

            “The World We Live In” GBDAY 1st Solo Exhibition, EMOK Seoul


2022    Art BUSAN, BEXCO, Busan

            Lotte Artfair, SIGNIEL BUSAN, Busan

2019    Yohood Shanghai, China

2018    Art Busan, Gallery STAN Busan

2017    Art Busan, Gallery STAN Busan

2016    Art Toy Culture 2016, Coex Seoul


2020    Perrier Korea Art collaboration

2018    Denham Collaboration Exhibition

           ASICS TIGER Collaboration Exhibition

           JINRI MARKET (SM Entertainment) Logo Design

           ALDO Shoes Collaboration

2017    Graphic Designer / Art Director Lotte Museum of Art

           Heywhy Brand launching exhibition Lotte Department Store Seoul

2016    1 COMMON Ch.9, Chelsea Market New York, U.S.A

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