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Gunjoo Kim


“Everything is one: ___” through coexistence is the inspiring message that drives Gunjoo Kim to create his playful silkscreen art with delicate color and analog sentiments.

             Gunjoo Kim graduated from Kookmin University as an illustration major. Drawn by the step-by-step process of layering individual colors as if assembling a puzzle, Gunjoo shifted his artistic trade to Silkscreen printing. Gunjoo’s art excited warmth and a sense of blessing upon his viewers, even those we were foreign with his work. His most well-known “Everything is one:_” series expresses the tricky yet harmonious balance that should exist between man and nature. The positivity radiating from Gunjoo’s prints attracted global brands, bridging prominent collaboration with international powerhouses like Laneige, Toms, and Lacoste. Translating his prints onto everyday products, his art was not subjected to a 2-Dimensional plain but instead interacted with people in reality. Gunjoo Kim constantly pushes the boundary of his eye-catching artistry to transcend beyond what is observed by the eye.

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