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Gunwoo Park


Gunwoo Park's work is the accumulation of time. Working with masking tape as his material, the artist recreates fractions of the world through his lens. He is actively engaging his work with the public by collaborating with multiple brands like Nike, Volkswagen, and Perier. With his delicate observation and detailed techniques, the artist perfectly creates existing objects. Through his hands, the masking tape becomes a completely different object as the layers of tapes get thicker and thicker.
   The artist has been diagnosed with cancer in the past. Facing the news, his daily life collapsed overnight. He locked himself in his house and stopped communicating with the world. After nearly a year of living in seclusion, one day he recreated some trash in his room with masking tape. This as a catalyst, he began to recreate every visible object with masking tape. Soon after, he made every object in his house, and in search of new objects, he finally stepped outside the house. The 1 year of seclusion, the time he looked at the objects, and the time layering the masking tapes, all these times of endurance are reflected in Park’s work.