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March 9- April 6, 2017
Seungsub Lim, Shinhong Kwon, Haeyoung Lee

Gallery HO SEOUL is pleased to present COMPANION, a group exhibition featuring works by Seungsub Lim, Shinhong Kwon, Haeyoung Lee on display Thursday March 9- April 6, 2017. 

A companion meaning in the dictionary is “a each friend becoming a pair”. A lonely modern people expanded the 1 dimensional thought that an only companion is spouse. They are living with a pet on these days. The pet could be spending time and emotion with human that couldn’t reach each other as a human being. A pet always share emotional communion with human, encourage a human, and console human.
    Seung Seop Yim, Shin Hong Kwon, and Hae Young Lee actually living with the pet and share their life with the pet. Through the exhibition, they expressed and included their time and memories with their own pet on their art works. A pet always make human happier whether its in the memories in the work or in real life in present time. A pet time flies faster than human; therefore, the every moment with the pet should be very valuable.

Gallery HO SEOUL hours are 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. For further information about the exhibition, please contact the gallery at 


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