Inyoung Seoung was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1973. Since age of seven she showed talent in art and potential to learn deeply into drawing, painting and illustration until applying for colleges. Then she was willing to study more variety ways to apply art, and spread her ability into spatial work. So she went into Bachelor of Fine Arts specified in sculpture at Hong-ik University in Seoul in 1993. While in college, she was inspired by a German artist, Joseph Beuys which led her to continue working with installation and public arts for interaction with the audience. In 1997, she came to New York City with acceptation to a graduated school, but after her sudden marriage, she changed her courage to exhibiting her works and public art though grants. She has moved to California, New York, and New Jersey with her two children, Chelsea and Glenn, and tried out for diverse style of art. Since 2009, she developed her unique style of drawing which came to her initial works. She is now a resident of New Jersey with ongoing plans with her art works.





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