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Jinwoo Kim


Animation and toys, which have been the artist's interest since childhood, have naturally become subjects of paintings. The comical and radical slapstick expressions used in animations such as Disney, Betty Boop, and Tom and Jerry had strong attraction points, yet gave a discomfort as well. The metaphors of social phenomena seen in the 21st century, such as, tragedy, splendor and death, are expressed in Jinwoo Kim’s works.

In his practice, he recreates images with the characteristics of old animations-such as slapstick effects and breaking down the motions into several layers-on the flat screen. With the same visual direction shown in his flat work is extended to various media, leading to installation works using animations and objects.

Using traditional oriental painting materials, black and white colors in his paintings are made by subtractive blending method by repeating CMYK color thinly and repeatedly. Beneath the imagery of adorable characters in colors, the artists throws a conversation on the paradox of splendor, death, and freedom.