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 Joy Kim has been interested in a variety of art fields since he was young. Ever since he encountered street art, he went to art highschool, however soon disappointed in their curriculum limiting the individual creativity. After graduation, inspired by his trip to Europe, he studied fine art in college in the US. His career as an artist began through social media, majorly based in NYC. Having exhibitions with David Zwiner and Sotheby’s, the artist is actively communicating through his art and getting spotlights as an emerging artist.


The artist does not simply view art as a tool for expression or a kind of language. He utilizes art as a medium to convey liveliness. The artist describes this as an "implementation of the spirit of the contemporary time” by saying that every moment in human life is meaningful. Recording these moments, the artist naturally communicates with people as a process. Through his work, the artist wants to remind us of the joy of relaxation to our sick minds overwhelmed with social issues we are experiencing in contemporary.


 조이 (김종민) 작가는 어릴 적부터 다양한 예술 분야에 관심이 많았다. 처음 스트릿 아트를 접한 이후 예술

고등학교에 입학했지만, 상상력과 창의력이 통제된 암기식 교육방식과 대학 진학에 초점이 맞춰진 입시 교육에 실망했다. 졸업 후 유럽 여행에서 접한 예술에서 영감을 받아 미국에서 fine art를 전공했다. 뉴욕에서 스트릿 아트로 작업을 시작하여 SNS로 홍보하던 중 유대인 갤러리스트와 컨택이 되어 처음 전시를 시작했다. 이를 계기로 Sotheby’s, David Zwirner 등 본격적으로 전시를 이어가며 뉴욕에서 활동하는 젊은 작가로 주목받고 있다.


작가는 예술을 단순히 표현의 수단, 언어의 한 종류가 아닌 살아있음을 이야기하는 매개체로 활용하고 있다.

이것을 작가는 인간의 생에서 모든 순간이 의미 있고 중요한 기억이라 말하며 ‘시대정신의 구현’이라고 표현한다. 이러한 순간을 기록하는 행위를 통해 사람들과 소통하는 이야깃거리로 풀어내고 있다. 작품의 주제들은 사람들과 즐거움을 공유하고자 하는 것이지만 마냥 즐겁기만 한 주제들은 아니다. 작가는 우리가 겪고 있는 많은 사회

이슈들과 과도한 몰입으로 병든 우리들의 마음에 여유를 가질 수 있는 즐거움을 전달하고자 한다.


2022     ‘Black Squall’, Gallery STAN, Seoul, South Korea

             Solo Exhibition, Union Gallery, London, UK

2020     ‘Joy’, Space776 Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2018     ‘Off Volta’, Space776 Gallery, NY

             ‘Sensorium’, Space776 Gallery, NY

2017     ‘Widz Kid’, Art Ventures Gallery, CA


2023    'SWIPE', THEO Gallery, Seoul

2022     'Rude Carnival', Gallery STAN, Miami

2021     ‘Painting and Thereafter’, Gallerybk, Seoul, South Korea

             ‘More Modern Than’, Seoho Museum of Art, Namyangju, South Korea

             ‘Re-Brand New’, Eugene Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2020     ‘Desensitization’, Jinsan Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

             ‘New Wave’, Artrie Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2019     ‘Plan B’, David Zwirner Gallery, NY

             ‘Art Wave Brooklyn’, Space776 Gallery, NY

2018     ‘Wind Over Lake’, Space776 Gallery, NY

             ‘Uncommon Beauty’, Uncommon Beauty Gallery, NY

             ‘AHL Foundation, Inc: Different, But Alike’, Ray Gallery, NY

             ‘QUAD’, Space776 Gallery, NY

             ‘Bushwick Open Studio’, Space776 Gallery, NY

             ‘Anniversary Throwback Show’, Space776 Gallery, NY

             ‘Expression of the Emotions’, Space776 Gallery, NY

             ‘Open House’, Space776 Gallery, NY

             ‘A little Sunshine’, Space776 Gallery, NY

2017     ‘Sotheby’s X FFA: Street Master’, Fat Free Art Gallery, NY

             ‘GirlSeesArt: Uncommon Beauty’, Uncommon Beauty Gallery, NY

             ‘the Love Expo’, SAND Gallery, MD

             ‘Here and Now: Portraits of New York’, The FIT Graduating Class in Art Market

             Studies curates a group show, NY

             ‘Bushwick Open Studio’, Space776 Gallery, NY

2016     ‘Into the Wood’, artist in residence show in Governors Island, NY

             ‘Homage’, Contempop Gallery, NY


2023      ART BUSAN, Busan, Korea

              Webridge, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

2022      KIAF+, Seoul, Korea

              ART BUSAN, BEXCO, Busan, Korea

              Lotte Artfair, SIGNIEL, Busan, Korea

2019     ‘Crazy Rich Asians Gala’, The Mansion at Glen Cove, NY

2017     ‘Empire State Music & Art Festival, NY

2016     ‘NYC Contemporary Art Show’, NY


Space776 Gallery. / Uncommon Beauty Gallery. / Contempop Gallery. / Artventures Gallery. /

Fat Free Art Gallery. / 1969 Gallery. / Rema Hort Mann Foundation. / RPM underground. /

Mirae Indus Co., Ltd. / Miracle Earth Co., Ltd. / Third Cove Media INC. /

Dimo Kim Musical Theatre Factory LLC. / Law Offices of Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C. / Dongsung Bio Pharm Co., Ltd. / The National Unification Advisory Council. Etc. / Ottogi Co., Ltd / Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City Hall /

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