Seoul based artist N5BRA(South Korea, b. 1995) is a street artist, beginning with illustration he
expanded his scope of activities to painting. N5BRA’s world of work began with nude drawings
that contain personal emotions and experiences that were traced during his military service.

The physical scale of his works grew enormously as he shifted his medium to wall painting and
graffiti whilst directing his works to themes of contradictions and ills of society. The artist drew
on paper, canvas, and walls the problematic scenes as an enlightening testament to what he
directly witnessed, sensed, and then captured onto his art using ink, spray paint, masking tape,
markers, and acrylic paint. The fickle nature of his work, which gave unconstrained freedom on
materials, subjects, or settings stemmed from his early past when he painted on the streets and
studied painting at Hongik University.
His first solo exhibition <Not sorry, and N5BRA> was his platform to engage discussion,
confront disagreements, and declare confidence in his work and express his will. Unafraid to
expose his artistic process, N5BRA presented his uncompleted work that was still in the process
of making and shared the context of how each piece came to be, which became the basis of his
conviction. <Blue bird complex> is his second solo exhibition, showing the artist’s unique
intense contrast, color, and clear lines of modern people suffering from the bluebird syndrome,
running in an endless circuit of happiness about the future while being indifferent to the present.
Previously, his work was mainly using scenes from Greek and Roman mythology and using
these ancient mythological contexts as a tool to point out contemporary social problems. This
time, he draws attention with a surreal screen composed of the artist’s wild imagination.


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