JANUARY 23 - FEBURARY 22, 2014 


Hiba Schahbaz, My Selves (2012)

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Hiba Schahbaz, American Beauty (2013)

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Manju Shandler, Moby Under (2012)

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Hiba Schahbaz, My Selves (2012)

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Opening reception: Thursday, January 23, 2014 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm


Curated by Grace Noh


Gallery HO is pleased to announce its first 2014 exhibition, NEW ORIGINALS, which showcases a collection of work by three Brooklyn-based artists: Fay Ku, Hiba Schahbaz and Manju Shandler. Drawing from past historical and cultural contexts, the artists visualize their messages in new and original contexts and make it effortless to bring seemingly disparate work in one place.


Ku, Schahbaz, and Shandler have culturally and artistically diverse backgrounds and use very different materials and visual presentations. Ku works with graphite, watercolor and ink on printmaking paper in extremely fine but strong lines, evoking traditional Chinese painting. Simultaneously, she depicts women as witty and unwomanly as if to challenge the more traditional portrayal of women as reserved. Schahbaz, originally trained in traditional miniature portraiture in Pakistan, portrays nude women, primarily herself, in a cosmopolitan New York City in her triptych work, My Selves. Shandler illustrates current events on thin sheets of plastic incorporating recognizable images from art history and contemporary photojournalism. These familiar topics and images encourage the audience to develop an understanding of the present through constructed ideas of the past. 


Rather than transforming, the artists translate the original sources in various forms as “new originals.” The collection of work in NEW ORIGINALS is the outcome of each artist’s translation of her thought to a visual form. The transferable, eternal quality of this complex web of sensations makes it possible for viewers to appreciate art across time.


Fay Ku, Taipei, Taiwan-born and Brooklyn-based visual artist, has exhibited her works on paper nationally and internationally since 2004. Ku holds an MFA in Studio Art from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Venues for her solo exhibitions include The New Britain Museum of American Art  (New Britain, Connecticut), The Contemporary Museum (Honolulu , Hawaii), Galerie L MD (Paris, France), Sam Lee Gallery (Los Angeles), Eight Modern Gallery (Santa Fe, NM) and Karin Weber Gallery (Hong Kong).  She was commissioned by The New York Times Magazine to create original art in 2007, and was interviewed in a Sundance Channel featurette in 2008.  She is a 2007 Louis Comfort Tiffany Grant recipient and a 2009 NYFA fellow in Printmaking/Drawing/Artists Books and National Performance Network/Artist Network Project Grant recipient.  She currently serves on the Artist Advisory board for the New York Foundation for the Arts.


Hiba Schahbaz trained in the art of miniature painting at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan. She has practiced contemporary miniature painting for the past ten years and recently received her MFA in Painting from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. She has exhibited her work in traditional and contemporary miniature painting internationally, in addition to curating exhibitions of miniature paintings in Pakistan and India. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where she conducts workshops in miniature painting at the Art Students League of NY and was featured in a special exhibition curated by Jasmine Wahi for Art Asia Miami in 2012.


Manju Shandler is a visual artist and theatre designer with a BA in Performing Visual Art from Bennington College (1995). She has had solo shows at The Hammond Museum, The Honfleur Gallery, the Governor’s Island Art Fair & Bergdorf Goodman Store Windows and been featured in group shows throughout the US, Amsterdam & Tel Aviv. In 2012 Manju Shandler was a NYFA Artist/Entrepreneur and received the University of Rhode Island’s Sea Grant for Visual Artists. In 2013 her work was selected for the “Art Asset Award” at the ISE Cultural Foundation.