Ppuri, who says he wants to cause confusion through his art, works with human instinctive anxiety on un-familiarity as a driving force. With unclear, yet familiar images  the artist creates another dimension, and universe on his canvas.

His work begins with unfamiliarity. The soft touch of the airbrush, intensity of the images, objects in simple lines, and the composition with several layers, all of these are conflicting, yet harmonizing with each other in his painting. The images that float the internet and whose story is unknown are born into new life with a new narrative in his canvas. Unlike the images on the Internet, which are consumed quickly and lightly, through his low-saturated color pallet and the characteristic of medium painting, add weight to his work. The artist ppuri, who reminds of a dark comedy, breaks formality, bends time and space, and throws a feast to the familiarness.