Born in 1984 in Korea, So Youn Lee left her native country to pursue her art career in the United States, where she studied at the Art Center of Pasadena and received a BFA in 2012. Lee resides and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Recognized for her ethereal, dream-like aesthetic, Lee’s work evolved from figurative art into her signature art style, which centers around an alien-like no-gender character named “Mango.” 

Surrounded by explosions of color, these vibrant mixed-media pieces have been embraced by an international audience, who have found an escape in So Youn Lee’s fantastical, otherworldly works. Lee first began showing her work in 2011, which led to her first solo show 'Hello, New World!'  in 2016, where her pieces were exhibited at the Secret Fresh Gallery in Manila, Philippines.

Much of her work has been showcased at galleries in the US and throughout the world and most recently her pieces have been seen at Complex Con at the Gallery Stan space and at the Arsham/Fieg Gallery at the Kith flagship store in Lower Manhattan.


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