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The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm

Exhibition Date: April 11 – May 7, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday April 11, 6 – 8 pm

Artists: Yoshiko Haraguchi, Yusam Sung, Kate Teale

Curated by Sunny Shin


Gallery Ho is pleased to present “The Calm Before the Storm”, an exhibition by Yoshiko Haraguchi, Yusam Sung, and Kate Teale. In this exhibition three artists from Japan, Korea, and USA unveil three different mediums of art including: photography, site-specific installation, and painting. This exhibition is a reflection of Hurricane Sandy that devastated the USA in 2012 and Tsunami in Japan in 2011. The exhibition symbolizes a journey backwards through time before the tsunami and hurricane– the calm before the storm – remembering what once was and allowing closure to move forward in life with a positive attitude. It is a symbol of hope, sympathy and encouragement to those victims of hurricane Sandy, 2012 and the Tsunami in Japan, 2011. Yoshiko Haraguchi is a Japanese Photographer who photographs Mother Nature. The title of her series is “Still Going On” which is a reflection of her opinions about nature. She says, “The next day when many things had gone, the sun rose as always, the dusky sky was beautiful. Sorrows and grief’s are filed under the sky.” This series represents her positive and hopeful attitude of life, allowing us to learn how to react and accept the hard times and turn them into something beautiful as she does with her photographs.

Yoshiko Haraguchi was born in Kobe and she currently works and lives in Osaka, Japan. She has had twelve solo exhibitions in Osaka and was a participant of various group shows such as “Mix Up” at Fukugan Plus, “Silent Perspectives” at the Flanders Center in Osaka and “Contemporary Istanbul” in Turkey.  

Yusam Sung is a sculptor and a painter. Using sponges, Sung visually recreates tsunamis. Sung often questions the purpose of an object and finds alternate uses to ordinary items. Sung has created site-specific sculpture and asks the question “how are you going to call the mass of sponge?” Walking through the artwork in this exhibition, viewers will be given the opportunity to name his works. Yusam Sung lives and works in New York. Born in South Korea, he received his B.F.A. at Hong-ik University and he will receive his M.F.A at Long Island University later this year. 

Kate Teale is a painter based in New York. After the tsunami in 2011, Teale began to draw her interpretation of the tsunami with pencil on paper using an upside-down process. By using this method her  drawings take a much longer amount of time to be completed. Her work becomes not only a drawing but also a performance piece. Another series in this exhibition is the Bed Series, 2010. In this series, Teale has painted blankets, pillows, and bed covers. On the edge of the bed she has painted patterns that resemble cliffs and waterfalls. The bed contains beautiful sunshine; however we can feel still a sense anxiety and abandonment that can be related to the feeling of calmness before a storm. Kate Teale lives and works in New York City. Born in England, she received her B.A. at Oxford University; her Painting Diploma at City and Guilds of London Art School and her MFA at C.U.N.Y. Hunter College.

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