Materials and techniques from Korean traditional painting are used such as Korean ink, color powder with cow bone 
glue (rabbit skin glue) on mulberry paper. Multiple thin layers of contrasting and translucent color were applied to create 
profound depth and saturation. Line is also one of the most important elements, which redefines a shape and gives 
another dimension in color combination. 
Minhwa is a traditional Korean Folk Painting from the 18th and 19th Century. It was created by and for the common 
people and it became well appreciated amongst them. Minhwa shows the unique creativity and identity of the common 
people in Korea. Its main characteristics are bright and vibrant color, repetition, flatness and decorative elements, which 
was very liberal and self modernized genre in Korea. Most of the paintings were lost throughout the colonial period and 
various wars, but nowadays its beauty and value has been rediscovered and appreciated. Its images are used in many 
different ways. 


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