VAKKI is a media artist. In her video works, installations and prints she works with illusionist, computer generated motifs, that are reminiscent of the Op Art of the 1960s. Between the shimmering and bright patterns collage-like images taken from 1980s advertising flash up repeatedly. For a person who lived in Korea these days, the images are well-known, but also for non- Koreans the imagery speaks a familiar language of the consumer society that begun at this time. VAKKI on one hand wants to call attention to the changes and developments in her country and on the other hand also raise a critical voice. By taking the advertising images out of its conext and alienate them, she concurrently questions the depicted perfect advertising world. At the end only a clichéd image that contradicts the original marketing message remains. VAKKI reveals how the passage of more than thirty years has made these colourful images seem strange and out of place. At the same time, she also shows how many stereotypes have persisted over the same period.


In 2012 VAKKI exhibited in the Exhibition Showcase in Berlin in the Platoon Kunsthalle in Germany. The all-round artist becomes conspicuous in Korea repeatedly by large-scale installations, which she staged for example for KIA Motors.

VAKKI lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.